Destination: Rome, Italy

We checked into our Airbnb dropped off our packs and out the door we went, spending 12 hours simply getting lost around the city center. At every turn there were historical sites to be seen. And along with those sites were bustling crowds. Though it was not quite peak season it was Liberation Day, a national holiday in Italy.


 all eyes on the Trevi Fountain

Still my first impressions were it  was similar to any other large city: congested traffic; locals annoyed by forigners; loud, hurried, etc etc… but the ancient ruins, architecture, & ageless beauty of the city has made modern infastructure conform in the oddest ways. The narrow roads require tiny cars and motored scouters. The many “pedestrian only” streets. Every street seems to lead to the center of the city, but not a single one makes it through to the other side. Despite its unusual layout, the flow of traffic is magnificent! People cross intersections where there is no light and the cars seem to continue forward giving just enough hesitation to allow you to take the next two steps unimpeeded; though it must be noted fender benders seem frequent. Oh how i miss my Subaru.

Taking advantage of our jet lag, we were up & out the door before 6am, revisiting the over-crowded sites we passed the day before.




i guess no trip to rome is complete without a cappuccino and cornetti. I’m not a coffee drinker myself but Siobhan thought the cappiccinos were great.


The real star has been the Gelato from La Romana . Though not our first nor last gelato in Rome, it was the one we had dreamt about when planning to visit Italy.

Roma 1947

On our third day, still not fully recovered from jet lag, again we were up early & wandering the city. By 7am we were approaching Vatican City along with bus loads of cattle  fellow tourists. Already there was a mass of people gathering at the entrance. Railings along the wall had been placed in an attempt at forming a line. However the hoards payed no mind to the feeble attempt and stampeded the gates. 30 minutes in we realized that people were there not just for the vatican but for an audience with the pope. 15 minutes later we found ourselves with great seats in St. Peter’s Square as the popemobile made its rounds & Pope Francis gave blessings for those in attendance plus their loved ones back home… Soooo that means you’ve all been blessed by the pope… you’re welcome 😛


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