Destination: Cinque Terre, Italy

Arriving in Riomaggiore the tiny picturesque town is breathtaking. It’s small with a main street that loops, a bus station, a marina, and a few small narrow alley ways that branch off the main street.


The five cliff/ ocean side towns are connected by coastal scenic walking trails. Except the first two are mountain paths, which were described as “strenuous.” we realized from the very first step, at 7am, that “strenuous mountain trail” meant climbing  rock stairs straight up, over, & down the other side of the mountain separating the first two towns of Riomaggiore & Manerola.


To be honest, writing this a few days later, I don’t remember a thing about Manerola. just the stairs leading in and out of the town. The rest of the trails were a breeze, walking through mountainside grape and olive groves with grand views of the ocean. Some of the trails varied from forest paths to narrow steep hillsides. All grand and incredible.



The first three towns were quit similar. Riomaggiore, Manerola, & Corniglia were tiny with a few shops and restaurants. But Vernazza & Monterosso had a very different feel. They were the destinations. They had a harbor, many restaurants, even more shops & hotels.


We relaxed against the breakwall in Vernazza and enjoyed a sunsent to complete the beautiful romantic cheesy-ness the day had become. Cinque Terre was a success and as beautiful as all the photos that inspired us to come here.

Thank you to Lauren V. ; Bernadette; Erina; Mercedes & Federico for the wedding gifts we used to book our AirBnBs here ❤

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