Destination: Perugia, Italy


With three nights left in Italy and only the last night booked in Rome, we weighed our options of where to go. Assisi and Perugia had somehow made the short list even before we arrived in the country. Having visited the ancient city of Rome and the hiking trails of the Cinque Terre we thought the farmlands surrounding the smaller city of Perugia would be a great change of pace.


Siobhan found a hostel a bit on the outskirts of Perugia the previous day. After a short bus ride from the central station, we found ourselves walking a gravel road through wheat fields and farmland to this gem called Perugia Farmhouse B&B Hostel. Walking up the driveway there are a pair of horses, donkeys, dogs, chickens, roosters, & goats. On the other side there are plum trees, peach trees, a cherry tree, a hamock, table tennis, a pizza oven, a guesthouse and a patio with a tables. And green grass all around the estate. (Not visible is the pool with lounge chairs behind the B&B). There were a few people having lunch around a picnic table as we arrived. The owner met us at the door of the big stone house and checked us in. The next morning we set out to Perugina Chocolate Factory for a tour complete with chocolate sample tasting. Delicious! Then we took a quick trip to the center of Perugia. We visted a lookout point with a beautiful view of the entire city and its surrounding farmlands, as well as underground tunnels from the old city of Perugia still in use as a way to get from the metros to the city center at the top of the hill by way of escalators.


As great as the hazenut chocolate at the Perugina Factory was, our evening activity was what makes me wish I was still in Perugia.

From the Farmhouse B&B we walked through wheat and parsley fields, over a stream, past a pig farm and a winery to a tiny market with a picnic table along the side. The owners of the hostel had made a beer tasting reservation for us. Greeting us inside was an elderly lady who instructed us to select two beers each and have a seat outside. She then proceeded to bring us various types of bruscetta, a plateful of cured meats and cheese, and bread and jam for dessert.

All for 20 Euro!


When we arrived back at the Farmhouse the three friendly WorkAway staff members invited us to join them for wine & freshly baked pizza. Shortly after, two other hostel guests joined. Newfound friends of German, Polish, Uruguayan, Brazilian, and American origin spent a perfect hostel evening talking and laughing while enjoying a delicious Italian dinner. Thank you Perugia Farmhouse B&B Hostel for wonderful hospitality and experience ❤

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