Break: Summer Wedding Season!

July 23- Aug 20th, 2016

After three months in Europe, it was time to go home for two important weddings. But nothing is that easy. We traveled from Croatia to Ireland planning to spend the night in the Dublin Airport to catch a 5am cross-Atlantic flight to Southern California. Not until around 3 or 4am did we realize that our flight had been postponed a full 24hrs. Note to self: check your damn emails 🙂 So we made the best of it and spent the day exploring Dublin before returning to the airport for another night of poor sleep at the 24hr McDonald’s (battling other passengers for coveted bench space). The next morning, all set and anxious to get home, we checked in to our 5am Ethiopian Airlines flight. But again, nothing is that easy. @#*% YOU Ethiopian Airlines! Our confirmation email and United Airlines confirmed that Ethiopian made a mistake and left Siobhan’s last name off of her reservation. Regardless, they wouldn’t allow her on the plane and stranded us by literally walking away from the check-in counter. OK slight panic. With the wedding only 30 hours away, my miles and points nerdom kicked in and I found a new flight through Air Canada arriving in Los Angeles at 11pm – just in time to make the beautiful wedding the following afternoon 🙂 Drink please!

The first wedding was for Siobhan’s cousin Miranda and her wife Belyna. The ceremony took place at Wayfarer’s Chapel in Palos Verdes. The view of the trees and ocean from the glass walls was gorgeous, and the perfect location for such a special couple. Tears were definitely shed



The ceremony was followed by games, dancing,  and endearing speeches.





A few weeks later the second wedding was for Siobhan’s long time friend, Ana and her husband Zach. Both the ceremony and reception took place at Smog Shoppe in Los Angeles. The ceremony was against a gorgeous garden wall backdrop and the bride and groom looked incredible! More tears





It was great to catch up with friends going as far back as elementary and middle school while enjoying some delicious food (and a waffle bar for dessert!)


Within a week we would be leaving Southern California once again. And once again back to Ireland for a proper introduction.

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