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Getting there: $22 (see redemptions post)

18 hrs of travel time is made a lot less inconvenient when we get to spend 5 of those hours enjoying free wine, snacks and pozole thanks to the  complimentary AdmiralClub lounge access that came with Siobhan’s Citi Prestige card (link on why you may want it) Though it does come with its draw backs, like wine making the wife a bit emotional.

From Airport to Airbnb: $18

Upon arrival we took advantage of the free airport wifi. This is where the GOOGLE MAPS APP shines! After a basic search for transit directions, we SAVED and DOWNLOADED the city of Rome. Doing so allowed the app’s featured blue dot or “current location” to move with us within the borders of the downloaded map, even without a data or wifi connection!

Note: In Europe to purchase a train ticket at a kiosk your card MUST have a 4 digit PIN, which makes Debit cards fine. However we would rather earn miles & points on all our purchases. Fortunately we have the Barclays Arrival Plus, one of only  two US credit cards that offer Chip plus a 4 digit PIN instead of the standard Chip with Signature.

Accommodations: $153

Three nights Airbnb in Rome. We used wedding gift money we received from Richard’s Nina Aurora & Nino Paulino as well  as Siobhan’s Aunt Maureen & Uncle Dennis. Hola/ Hello, Gracias/ thank you,  & we love you 🙂