Miles & Points

in order to collect miles & points from credit card sign up bonuses you need to:

  1. Understand credit scores (by the DoctorOfCredit)
  2. keep an eye on your credit report & have a general idea of your score w/ CreditKarma
  3. understand that THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, a warning from The Churning Community
  4. ok you’ve been warned, but don’t be intimidated!

now for the inspirational fun stuff:

  1. the first site i read about this hobby & the trip reports that got me hooked, MillionMileSecrets
  2. Loophole Travel’s Hawaiian Trip report
  3. Siobhan & i booked a One Way ticket to Rome for a total of 40,000 American Airlines points + $22 in taxes. earned from just one! Citi AAdvantage Sign up bonus.
  4. hopefully we’ll have more post to share on here to inspire you to get lost at last ❤

Here are some Guides to ACTUALLY understand Miles & Points and where to begin, they are redundant, but good write ups non the less:

now you’re into Miles & Points! here are some GREAT RESOURCES to help you along the way:

Some blogs are cluttered with ads and it is thought that they tend to push certain products because of the commission’s they receive instead of other factors (like best sign up bonus link available at that time or letting you know that the bonus will probably increase if you have the ability to wait.)

Disclaimer: a lot of people earn a living and the ability to continue to travel because of the money they generate from their blogs. that is absolutely great, however, the best blogs  seem to be able to profit & give genuine honest guidance. i learned everything for free, no books purchased, or classes/ guides payed for, just simple crowd sourcing & continued reading …& i am forever grateful!

Lastly, if you do choose to partake in the wonderful Miles & Points strategy, please use REFERRAL LINKS when applying for a credit card whenever possible. From either your family or friends  (or lastly the the wonderful Churning Community ) ❤

ps: of course keep an eye out for target offers in your mailbox.


crowd sourced spreadsheet of best CC offers

2nd Spreadsheet of crowd sourced CC offers